What’s That Song About?

I get this question a lot as a songwriter, and it doesn't always have a simple answer. I can tell you the setting and circumstances or the general inspiration, but sometimes the about isn't terribly cut and dry. I plant a seed of myself in every song I write, but that doesn't make them all... Continue Reading →

A Rising Tide

A couple of my friends, Brian Christian Adam (BCA) and Zachary "Sonny" Edwards host an open mic every Sunday night at O'Neill's Pub in Lombard, IL. I've been meaning to get there for a while and I had the weekend off, so I stopped by for the first time this past Sunday. This was an... Continue Reading →


I've tried blogging before. I had a gaming blog (World of Warcraft, specifically) years ago. That was easy. I played the game and then wrote about the game. I shared my experiences and any tips or tricks I learned along the way. Simple. What made it so easy? If I had to distill it down,... Continue Reading →

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